Farm Design and Management Consultation, Central & Southern Philippines.

Michelle Domocol has extensive horticultural experience in the Philippines and California. Some of her projects are highlighted in this portfolio. Currently, she offers:
Farm Designs
Farm Management Consultation
Professional Planting Lists for Gardens
Garden Planting Plans
With her services, you will have your dream landscape. If you’re after ornamental beauty, higher organic farm yields, or BOTH contact Michelle at
Her services ensure your plants:
1) THRIVE in your site’s soil, water quality, and sun exposure.
2) MATCH your aesthetic.
3) SAVE you time and money.
In addition to her primary services, Michelle offers:
Garden Maintenance and Installation Guides
Custom Canopy Planting List
Custom Ground Planting List
Custom Shrub Planting List
Custom Canopy Planting Plan
Custom Ground Planting Plan
Custom Shrub Planting Plan
Purchasing Services for Plant/Soil Supplies
Sourcing and Quotes Services for Plant/Soil Suppliers
For quotes and appointments contact Michelle Domocol at

Installation progress in Bohol farm

Greenhouse installation in Bohol farm

Farm Design for farm in Bohol, Philippines

Farm Design for farm in Bohol, Philippines

Farm Management Consultation in Bukidnon, Philippines

Bukidonon, Philippines

Bukidnon, Philippines

Conceptual Garden Designs Produced for 2 ha. Farm in Mindanao, Philippines. For more details: