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Michelle Domocol is a professional horticulturist, landscape designer and Certified California Naturalist. She is also a writer for environmental and post-harvest publications. In 2018, she will pursue her MS Environmental Studies research in climate change and plant communities in Santa Clara Valley (South Bay, CA).

She has extensive horticultural experience in the Philippines and California. Michelle was born on the East Coast but always felt California & Southeast Asia were her true homes. In California, she designs indoor and outdoor gardens for homes around the Bay Area. While in the Philippines, she designs and consults for farms and residences in the Visayas and Mindanao.

Before launching her landscape design business, she earned her Bachelor's degree in Environmental Resource Management in Australia. After her degree, she worked in the Philippines and Australia as a community organizer, environmental consultant and public health researcher. In 2012, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and worked with organizations such as:
Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority
Veggielution Community Farm
Filipino Advocates for Justice
Filipino American Coalition for Environmental Solidarity
Cabrillo College Environmental Horticulture Center.

She designed for 1st place 2015 Food Systems Innovation winner through UC Berkeley Big Ideas Contest.
Currently, she travels to the Philippines for private farm consultation contracts. She is also the Lead Farm Designer and Staff-writer for the health foundation Healing Present Nature and Wellness Center, Inc. She edited and art-directed Healing Present's Gourmand International Awarded book (ISBN 978-0-9973772-0-0).

Michelle Domocol's projects are highlighted in this portfolio. Currently she offers:
Garden Designs
Farm Designs
Farm Management Consultation
Professional Planting Lists and
Planting Plans

In addition to her primary services, Michelle offers:

Garden Maintenance and Installation Guides
Custom Canopy Planting List
Custom Ground Planting List
Custom Shrub Planting List
Custom Canopy Planting Plan
Custom Ground Planting Plan
Custom Shrub Planting Plan
Purchasing Services for Plant/Soil Supplies
Sourcing and Quotes Services for Plant/Soil Suppliers

For quotes and appointments contact Michelle Domocol at ask.michelledomocol@gmail.com

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