BLPC Urban Gardening Project, Quezon City Philippines.

Design sketches for Urban Gardening Project in Quezon City, Philippines.
‘Urban Agriculture is a growth area around the world motivated by many urgent needs including response to Peak Oil, climate change, economic crisis, serious urban poverty and loss of community. Transition Community Initiatives Philippines (TCIP) is dedicated to address these issues through a range of projects. The BLPC Urban Agriculture Project aims to work within a development of some 550 residential units in low-rise blocks surrounded by mature trees, greenery and recreation areas. The project intends to bring the community together to convert much of this land to agricultural use, using resources of the project, of the community itself who will be trained to sow, grow, nurture and market the produce locally.’ -BLPC Project members

  • For Residents of BLPC (Bagong Lipunan Pag-asa Condominiums)
  • Type Design for Volunteer-run Community Urban Gardening Project